liberty1The Liberty 1

This little bow arrived at Africa's Bowhunter's office this week. Redge Grant did us a favour and picked it up on our behalf at the ATA in the USA and brought it back with him to South Africa. It is a Liberty 1 with an axle-to-axle distance of only 20 inches. Howard Winther has been making them for a couple of years now. He replaced the riser area with a separate grip… thus making it a very short axle-to-axle bow. It is very light as well, because of the non-existing riser area. But that is about as much as I can say at the moment. Harry Marx will test the bow for the March issue. Then we will know how fast it shoots and so forth. I shot it and found it to be quite accurate. It has a fairly smooth draw, makes little noise and seems to shoot quite fast. I suspect it isn't a very forgiving bow and thus it is for the more advanced archer… as Harry would say.  It certainly isn't a competition bow, but I like the fact that one can fit it in a backpack and shoot it from a small enclosure. It can certainly work well as a survival bow...

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Rean draw LBTY1
Rean at full draw, shooting a few arrows with the Liberty1. (old site)

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