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Take your children hunting


I trust you are all well and safe and enjoying sitting around the braai, reminiscing about your hunting this year or perhaps dreaming about next year already. Dreaming and planning are actually two of the most enjoyable aspects of hunting and should be seen as part of the hunt.

In this issue there are some thought-provoking articles. The second in a series of three on hunting ethics will perhaps set you thinking. It goes against what many of you have been led to believe without questioning what has become the accepted norm. We need free thinkers – people who do not just swallow whatever they read, hear or see in the popular media.

I am also intrigued to see how many women and young children are getting involved in hunting. You will read about a delightful young lady who has already proved herself a successful hunter with a rifle. It is encouraging to hear what young Kaylee Nel has to say in her article “My welcome to the wonderful world of hunting” and how much children appreciate being introduced and immersed into outdoor activities and the shooting sports – it opens up a whole new exciting world for them that is also healthier in terms of body, soul and spirit. Teaching our children to hunt is a skill that may become very important in the not too distant future – for a variety of reasons. So dad’s (and mom’s) get the kids out there. It is true to say that “if you take your child hunting you won’t have to hunt all over for your child!” Children are far too preoccupied with electronic gadgets nowadays. Needless to say it important that they be properly taught when it comes to using weapons be they guns or bows with safety being a priority. You will also read a story about a bowhunter who accompanied rifle hunting friends who made them see bowhunting in a different light.

Should you hunt exclusively with a bow or also with a rifle? “Bow or gun” may help you to answer this question and, more importantly, it points out why hunters of all types should be supportive of one another.

Fritz Rabe writes two exciting articles on a buffalo and a sable hunt – enough to make any bowhunter envious. Unfortunately the cost of hunting is becoming exorbitant and getting beyond the reach of lower and even middle income wage earners, especially when “up market” species are involved. An alternative may be – instead of hunting every year – to save up for three years and then go after the animal of your dreams.

The broadhead test this month focuses on GrizzlyStik’s Samurai. The trapping series shows you how to improvise and make an effective mousetrap from throwaway materials.

Stay safe and on your knees (in prayer). The world needs it.

Cleve Cheney
Hunting editor (old site)

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