January 2015 ABH 400A new era for Africa’s Bowhunter


It is now 15 years since we moved into the new millennium and, as of yet, the world has not ended, computers did not crash worldwide and a huge comet has not taken out the earth. Life continues as usual.

However, not everything stayed the same. Every year the world changes a little, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. This also happened in the bowhunting industry and to Africa’s Bowhunter. I am sure everyone reading the magazine has their own story of change to tell.

Africa’s Bowhunter was launched in the first year of the new millennium and is still running strong fifteen years later. Since then the bowhunting industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is a well-established and respected way of hunting at present. Gone are the days that one had to convince people that it is an effective hunting method. Today most hunting farms allow or even embrace bowhunting, and bowhunters are welcomed everywhere in the country.

During the years we have had an excellent relationship with many other magazines, such as 3-D Bogensport in Austria, Traditionell Bogenschiessen in Germany, Archery Action and Bowhunting Down Under in Australia, Primitive Archer and ArrowTrade in the USA and more. In South Africa we have always had close ties with Game & Hunt magazine.

In 2015 Africa’s Bowhunter is moving into a new era, where it will join forces with its old friend, Game &Hunt magazine. Do not fear – Africa’s Bowhunter will continue publishing bowhunting and archery articles exclusively. Only now it will be part of a bigger and stronger company, which will enable it to expand in all directions, bringing you a bigger and better magazine.

If you are interested in alternative energy sources, how to produce your own food, how not to waste as much, and in general just in living off the grid or being more self-reliant, you should not miss the second Laatlos/Off the Grid magazine currently on the shelves. In this magazine you will read more about non-consumerism, harnessing natural energy, producing your own food, how to improve your home security, how to think for yourself, how to live more healthily, what wealth is, and about letting go of unnecessary things that clutter up or complicate your life.
Talking about simplicity: In this issue Cleve Cheney writes about the simplicity of traditional archery. He also explains how to take care of one’s compound bow and how to trap a jackal alive, should one be so inclined. Other articles in this issue include the well-known Tom Miranda’s article, “Teeth and claws”, Frank Berbuir’s giraffe hunt, Dr Adrian de Villiers’s endeavours to bowhunt a klipspringer in the mountains and Lance Nienaber’s article on warthog hunting. You can also read Harry Marx’s bow test on the Hoyt Spyder ZT Turbo and Cleve’s broadhead test on the 125-grain Silver Flame.

Africa’s Bowhunter wishes all its readers a wonderful 2015. May this be the best year yet, may all your arrows hit the target and may you hunt that animal that is still on your bucket list.
God bless

Rean Steenkamp
Editor (old site)

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Geen onduidelike, onetiese, bloedbevlekte foto’s, asook foto’s van oneetbare diere en kopskote sal voortaan in ABH geplaas word nie. Die besluit is geneem agv algemene ontevredenheid en kritiek van ons lesers. 
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No blurry, unethical or blood stained photos, as well as photos of inedible animals or head shots taken will be published in ABH in future. This decision was taken as a result of general dissatisfaction and criticism from our readers.

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roedeer2Hunting roe deer with a traditional bow
For the last 15 years I have had the luck to be authorised during my summer holidays to hunt the roe deer buck (in France, depending on the place you live, having a summer tag is more or less easy). I’m a traditional bowhunter, hunting the hard way (no tree stand, no blind, no decoy, no camo). I’m hunting alone – combining walk and stalk, encounter and ambush methods.The place I hunt during summer time is a 250 hectares typical western France place: small meadows, small rivers, small woods, a lot of hedges and many fields (corn, sunflower and wheat). By chance, our holidays house is inside this area which is private...
Read more in the Jauary 2014 issue page 61