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The nights are getting colder and the sun rises later, but although winter is coming closer the hunter’s heart is growing warmer. The approach of winter marks the beginning of the hunting season.

Since many game farms have closed their doors to hunters this winter, bowhunters have had to find new hunting grounds. Friends will sit around new hunting fires and experience new parts of the country where they may not have hunted before. This might even lead to the hunting of new species, such as rhebok, reedbuck, fallow deer, gemsbok or a black wildebeest instead of the usual impala, warthog, kudu or blue wildebeest.

It will be interesting to see what bowhunters’ reaction is to the higher prices for game, that in the past was affordable, but are now priced much higher. Will they simply pay the higher prices, will they travel farther for lower prices or will the focus be on different game species this season? It is well worthwhile to read Fritz Rabé’s article “Preparing for the hunt” in this issue, in which he gives advice on how to adjust to the price increases in game, as well as how to make the best of this year’s hunting experience.

Also to be read in this issue are Tom Miranda’s article on setting hunting goals for yourself; Cleve Cheney’s broadhead test and his article on how to process your own meat; Harry Marx’s article on a new sight he envisions as well as his unplanned bushpig hunt; and the well-known competition archer Jeanine van Kradenburg’s article on how her archery career got started.  You can also read about Frank Berbuir’s warthog hunt, Nicky Niehaus’s struggle to bag a first impala with a bow and how an impala ram evaded Dr Adrian de Villiers.

If the number of trophy photos submitted to Africa’s Bowhunter can be used as a measure, it does seem that a lot less bowhunting is being done. For the first time in more than ten years we have no backlog, on the contrary, we have actually run out of trophy photos. This has never happened before. Is the reason a struggling economy, because there is less money to spend on hunting, or is it because of the higher prices for game? Or both? That is the question.

Nevertheless, Africa’s Bowhunter wishes all its readers the best for the hunting season. May this be a season to remember, may it be an interesting one that every bowhunter can look back on and say that they have made it special, against all odds.

God bless

Rean Steenkamp


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Africa’s Bowhunter and Game and Hunt join forces

Two well-known and popular magazines in the hunting and wildlife industry, GAME & HUNT and Africa’s Bowhunter, will in future be managed by the same company. The two parties have entered into a collaboration agreement, which will see both the titles operating under Jan Louis Enterprises.
The collaboration means that readers will still enjoy high-quality articles, and the combining of resources will ensure that knowledgeable writers will be available for information.

GAME & HUNT, the magazine of choice for game ranchers, hunters and conservation enthusiasts, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, while Africa’s Bowhunter has been of service to bowhunters, archery enthusiasts and game ranchers for 15 years. Jan van der Walt, managing director of Jan Louis Enterprises, is of the opinion that this initiative has many advantages. ‘Although both titles will be kept unchanged and still focus on their respective markets, we believe the closer cooperation will add value for both our advertisers and readers. We have been family for a long time, we are now only moving in under the same roof,’ said Van der Walt.

Both the monthly magazines enjoy excellent support from loyal readers, and in future much attention will be given to the fulfilment of specific needs, as identified through communication with our readers. The agreement will come into effect on 1 March 2015.


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