The hunting season is at an end


The year is flying past much faster than I have anticipated. Here we are, already publishing the September 2014 issue and it is nearly spring again! I have so many things I wanted to do this year, but alas, the year is running to an end. Two thirds of the year is past. It was a cold winter in Pretoria and although I am sorry to see the end of this year’s hunting season, I cannot say I am not looking forward to summer.

However, let us return to the present. In this issue, which may well be said to be our spring issue, we are publishing the second article in the series by Tom Miranda. In this article he writes about his quest to hunt a “river monster” or hippopotamus. This name is derived from the ancient Greek for “river horse”, but since it kills more people than all other dangerous African animals, he deems the name “river monster” as more appropriate.

Also in this issue is a new series by Cleve Cheney on shot placement, probably one of the most important aspects of hunting. Jan Herholdt writes about the importance of a bow’s brace height and how it effects the accuracy of the bow. Harry Marx tests another bow and this month it is G5’s Prime Alloy, a bow he says is probably the most accurate bow he has shot in five years! As promised, we are publishing Cleve’s first broadhead test. This month it is Grizzly’s 125-grain Masaai.    

As usual we have published a few hunting article and this month we include a blackpowder hunt as well as a “bike rider” hunt – where the hunters uses motorbikes to drive to and from the game farm. Africa’s Bowhunter will include articles about hunting with other weapons similar or related to the bow and arrow in future. We will focus on “paperless” weapons, thus weapons for which one does not need a licence.

I hope you had a wonderful hunting season with many fond memories made in the bush and around the campfire. If you have a memorable hunting story to tell, feel free to send it to Africa’s Bowhunter. Just remember to include a photo or two. Most of the hunting done by the Steenkamps this year was by my three daughters, and thus the reason I included an article in this issue on women hunters.

God bless

Rean Steenkamp

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