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  • comment2A hunter worthy of the name... Each season has a magic of its own. Autumn with its beautiful changing colours of greens to umber, orange, pale yellows and browns resonates well with hunters for it ushers in the long anticipated, saved and practiced for hunting season. May it be one in which you are successful, grow wiser and appreciate more the wonders of Creation. Hunt ethically, responsibly and without waste.  Never hunt with a callous heart. Let the excitement of having hunted an animal successfully always be tempered by a sense of remorse, sadness and regret. Treat your slain quarry with dignity and respect – do these things and you will be a hunter worthy of the name...
  • main2Understanding animal behaviour – a key to hunting success... The hoped for conclusion of any hunt is to harvest an animal. I have said it before and I will say it again – the success of a hunt is not determined by the kill. You can go hunting and come back empty handed, but still have had a successful hunt in terms of the whole experience. However, most hunters would like to conclude a hunt with a kill otherwise they would not be out hunting in the first place. There are a number of factors which must work together for the hunt to culminate successfully in a kill. Good and effective equipment, knowledge of the hunting area...

  • bowtest2Testing Hoyt’s Factor Turbo... “This is one of those simple, efficient, accurate, and generally good hunting bows, with a big punch” Of course I read Tony Ruggeri’s review in the April issue, and what a delight to hear so many good things from the bow I planned on testing. A light, manoeuvrable, accurate and powerful bow. Well, the numbers also tells a story… but we’ll get there. It was an absolute pleasure to test the Factor. Its draw cycle is very smooth and it shoots with little handshock. On the bow I tested I had to adjust the rest very close to the riser before I got my 620-grain Big Game 100+ to fly straight. ...

  • rush2That indescribable adrenalin rush! ... As a child growing up in the wilds of the former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and through my career of some 25 years in the conservation, professional hunting and private wildlife industry in South Africa, I have had the privilege of hunting a lot of game with a rifle, including some of the dangerous game species (elephant, buffalo and hippo).
    We have all experienced that uncontrollable bokkoors (buck fever) at some point or the other, but that feeling you get when that spurt of adrenalin hits you after you have released that arrow on an animal is literally indescribable! It is virtually “primal”. One of our bowhunting clients (Anthony Diplock) defined this feeling very aptly – “For those who know no explanation necessary, for those who don’t know no explanation is possible!” I don’t think I have ever heard it stated better!..
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AFRICA's BOWHUNTER is the magazine for the bowhunter, archery enthusiast and game farmer. We mainly publish news and articles of interest to the bowhunter in Southern Africa and any bowhunter in the world who hunts or plans to hunt in Southern Africa. – Rean Steenkamp

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  • Fritz Rabe: "Many people camouflage themselves with the best and most expensive camo and equipment, but neglect their hands and their bows".
    Adrian de Villiers: "You will be surprised how often the arrow will clear it completely and if you don’t it is unlikely that you will hit or wound the animal".
  • Uittreksel: "Maak reg vir die jagseisoen"
    "Die herfs is naas die lente my gunsteling seisoen. Herfsdae is nog warm, maar snags is dit effens koud en kan 'n mens jouself lekker toerol in die komberse. Buite is die bome al die skakerings van groen, rooi, oranje en geel. Dit is byna asof die bome weer, soos in die lente, begin bot." – Rean
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roedeer2Hunting roe deer with a traditional bow
For the last 15 years I have had the luck to be authorised during my summer holidays to hunt the roe deer buck (in France, depending on the place you live, having a summer tag is more or less easy). I’m a traditional bowhunter, hunting the hard way (no tree stand, no blind, no decoy, no camo). I’m hunting alone – combining walk and stalk, encounter and ambush methods.The place I hunt during summer time is a 250 hectares typical western France place: small meadows, small rivers, small woods, a lot of hedges and many fields (corn, sunflower and wheat). By chance, our holidays house is inside this area which is private...
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