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  • commentMaak reg vir die jagseisoen... 'n Goeie vriend sê nou die dag hy voel die oggendlug is deesdae koeler en dit laat hom verlang na die naderende jagseisoen. Ja, die jagtyd is op die drempel. Wanneer die April-uitgawe op die rak verskyn is dit net een maand voor die jagters die veld in vaar. Die herfs is naas die lente my gunsteling seisoen. Herfsdae is nog warm, maar snags is dit effens koud en kan 'n mens jouself lekker toerol in die komberse. Buite is die bome al die skakerings van groen, rooi, oranje en geel. Dit is byna asof die bome weer, soos in die lente, begin bot...
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    Hunting small game and game birds... The smaller wild creatures we encounter can provide as much pleasure as the big ones. This applies to casual observation, photography or hunting of these species. Bowhunters are generally more interested in hunting species from steenbuck size and up and often ignore the abundance of small game and game birds we are blessed with. There are a number of advantages in hunting these species. They are generally speaking more abundant, more widely distributed, more readily accessible, cost less to hunt (often for free), and are every bit as much of a challenge as hunting larger animals...

  • bowtestmain2Testing Bowtech’s Carbon Overdrive... If you see the Overdrive, you would be pardoned for thinking it looks like a Carbon Knight on streroids. Indeed, when the Knight came out, we all asked, why the “old” cam design, the “old” cable slider”, etc? And Bowtech listened, and produced. The riser is exactly the same, but the rest of the bow is all new. They added a OverDrive Binary cam system onto it, and replaced the cable slide with the FLX-Guard. This combines the newest technologies from all areas into one fine bow. I think there are two factors that stand out for me about the OverDrive, its low weight and accuracy. But we’ll get there...

  • highLow2The highs and lows of bowhunting in South Africa – a time of opportunity ... Have you ever noticed that in nature things operate in cycles? The sun rises, then sets then rises again. Summer, autumn, winter, spring, summer… Bowhunting is also going through a cycle. I remember in the early seventies that there were very few bowhunters in South Africa – a handful at most. In those days firearm licenses were easily come by. A month was about the maximum time you could expect to wait after having submitted your application for your license to arrive at the local police station. You could also own as many firearms as your heart desired...
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AFRICA's BOWHUNTER is the magazine for the bowhunter, archery enthusiast and game farmer. We mainly publish news and articles of interest to the bowhunter in Southern Africa and any bowhunter in the world who hunts or plans to hunt in Southern Africa. – Rean Steenkamp

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  • Fritz Rabe: "Many people camouflage themselves with the best and most expensive camo and equipment, but neglect their hands and their bows".
    Adrian de Villiers: "You will be surprised how often the arrow will clear it completely and if you don’t it is unlikely that you will hit or wound the animal".
  • Uittreksel: "Maak reg vir die jagseisoen"
    "Die herfs is naas die lente my gunsteling seisoen. Herfsdae is nog warm, maar snags is dit effens koud en kan 'n mens jouself lekker toerol in die komberse. Buite is die bome al die skakerings van groen, rooi, oranje en geel. Dit is byna asof die bome weer, soos in die lente, begin bot." – Rean
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roedeer2Hunting roe deer with a traditional bow
For the last 15 years I have had the luck to be authorised during my summer holidays to hunt the roe deer buck (in France, depending on the place you live, having a summer tag is more or less easy). I’m a traditional bowhunter, hunting the hard way (no tree stand, no blind, no decoy, no camo). I’m hunting alone – combining walk and stalk, encounter and ambush methods.The place I hunt during summer time is a 250 hectares typical western France place: small meadows, small rivers, small woods, a lot of hedges and many fields (corn, sunflower and wheat). By chance, our holidays house is inside this area which is private...
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